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I’m taking part in the One Million Step Challenge to support people affected by diabetes. There are 4.7 million people living with diabetes in the UK, the complications of which lead to over 500 premature deaths every week. So, I’m stepping towards a healthier me, and a better future for people living with diabetes. Support my challenge by hitting the donate button on my profile page. I’m also doing this to honour the memory of my Mum and Dad and my beloved son Eddie who passed away in June. He was - and always will be - my whole world xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx

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Fundraising goal:£125.89 towards fundraising target of £100
Steps tally:484,089 number of steps towards the one million

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Neil Fawcett
donated £25.002 Aug. 2019
For Eddie! Too much time on my hands, I got you on my mind Can't ease this pain, so easily When you can't find the words to say it's hard to make it through another day And it makes me wanna cry and throw my hands up to the sky
Lorna McCarthy
donated £10.621 Jul. 2019
Hopefully target reached now! In memory of Eddie
Martin Jakubski
donated £21.2430 Jun. 2019
Great man doing this for a great cause. Best of luck with it Sir Clifford of Richard. 👍
Mark Mitchell
donated £10.6230 Jun. 2019
Paul Cox
donated £10.6230 Jun. 2019
Happy walking!

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22 Aug. 2019
1,661 steps
17 Aug. 2019
11,618 steps
16 Aug. 2019
1,804 steps
15 Aug. 2019
3,896 steps
14 Aug. 2019
14,504 steps
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