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Doug Barrowman


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I’m taking part in the One Million Step Challenge to support people affected by diabetes. Type 1 Diabetes has impacted my family for 60 years, My Grand Father, my Mum, my Nephew Andrew and sadly my Niece and god daughter Claire who we lost to type 1 in 2012. There are 4.7 million people living with diabetes in the UK, the complications of which lead to over 500 premature deaths every week. So, I’m stepping towards a healthier me, support for Andrew and for a better future for all people and families living with diabetes. Support my challenge by hitting the donate button on my profile page. As Claire said - Never miss a chance to dance ———————————————Part 2———————————— Many thanks to all my friends & family who have supported this great event. I am over halfway to the target and you have all helped smash my initial fund raising goal. I hope now to try and raise £2000 for this great cause. Thanks again to everyone Yours Sincerely Doug

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Fundraising goal:£2,000.92 towards fundraising target of £2,000
Steps tally:1,687,931 number of steps towards the one million

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donated £5.3116 Oct. 2019
A little more to get to your goal.
Pauline Stansfield
donated £26.5530 Sep. 2019
Well done Dougie, great effort xx
Jeanna Bauer
donated £21.2430 Sep. 2019
Hard to believe its the last day of the official challenge. What an accomplishment! Keep on cruisin'. x
Doug Barrowman
Replied18 Nov. 2019
Thank you so much for your support today and on a few walks this summer, I hope you have enjoyed your year in the UK as much as we have sharing our little piece of paradise in Somerset. All the best for your travel Thanks again
Andrew Richards
donated £31.8627 Sep. 2019
Congratulations on your achievement.
Doug Barrowman
Replied18 Nov. 2019
Andy thank you so very much for your kind donation . I hope the help everyone has given me will go to help those folks need help and support research to improve help in years to come. Thanks again
Faye Lipton
donated £10.6226 Sep. 2019
Well done!!
Doug Barrowman
Replied18 Nov. 2019
Faye Many thanks on this day of reflection. I appreciate your thoughts and help.Thanks again Doug

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20 Oct. 2019
4,305 steps
19 Oct. 2019
4,372 steps
18 Oct. 2019
1,089 steps
17 Oct. 2019
5,140 steps
16 Oct. 2019
3,886 steps
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