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Hey Everyone, Thanks so much for having a look at my page. I've signed up to do the 1.7 million step challenge for a personal challenge and to bring some awareness to the fact that all charitys need a little bit of help. Some of the most amazing people I know suffer from this horrid illnes and I wanted to do my part to help. Thanks again just for having a look, Stay Happy, Be safe, be Healthy but mostly never stop smiling :) Hannah :) xx

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£412.02 towards fundraising target of £1,000
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2,017,078 steps towards John o'Groats
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Sep 30

Sophie Coplestone

donated £5.31
Sep 30

Rosie Meade

donated £5.31
Couldn’t be more proud x
Sep 25


donated £31.86
Amazingly kind donation from Krys and Kathrine! Thank you both so much
Sep 21


donated £21.24
With Thanks to the amazing Priya for this donation
Sep 14

Amber Peacock

donated £10.62
What an insane number of steps! Amazing work 🥰 xxx

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Hannah Peacock's journal


I did it!!!! 1 million steps, when I started this challenge I didn’t really think it was going to be as tough as it has been! They do not call this an endurance challenge for nothing! I am looking every minute and can’t wait to complete the rest 💚 My day has started a little slower today, but my determination is just as high!!


Managed to top my biggest day so far on Saturday by doing 35,176 steps and I got my 900,000 step badge!! What a week, this heat has knocked me for six, but I’ve still got up every morning and been out walking! Producing one of my biggest weeks so far! Let’s see what this week has to bring! 🥰 I’ve shared a podcast on my Facebook page that Angus took part in, if you’ve got time have a listen, it’s fantastic! Thanks for following our journey 🥰 Thanks for following


Had my biggest step day yesterday at 34,078 steps, didn’t set out to have such a massive day but it felt good to do it 😄! Weekly stats are below Under 100,000 steps now and I will be half way 🎉!!

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