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I know lots of people with diabetes including good friends and family, and I'm taking part in the One Million Step Challenge because I know how relentless it can be to manage and how dangerous and devastating the consequences can be. I'm lucky enough to work for Diabetes UK so I get to see first hand the amazing research we do to find new cures and treatments. And the wonderful helpline we run that people can turn to when they need great information or a shoulder to cry on if they're having a bad day. So, I’m stepping towards a healthier me, and a better future for people living with diabetes, and I'm aiming to reach one and a half million steps if I can. This will involve me doing a lot more steps every day than I normally do! Please support my challenge by hitting the donate button on my profile page.

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Fundraising goal:£2,219.40 towards fundraising target of £1,500
Steps tally:2,233,717 number of steps towards the one million

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anika patel
donated £21.2426 Sep. 2019
Well done Kath, such a great achievement. Glad you legs kept going! Well done on reaching an amazing goal for a great charity.
Louise Firth
donated £10.6225 Sep. 2019
Congratulations Kath - amazing achievement. My commute is Finsbury Park to Aldgate so you've inspired me to try it out!
Lorna Green
donated £15.9323 Sep. 2019
Excellent result Kath....keep on walking!
Helen Shabetai
donated £21.2423 Sep. 2019
You're an inspiration Kath! Congratulations!
Replied18 Nov. 2019
Thanks Helen - I really appreciate your support 😊 xx
Peter Lewis
donated £26.5523 Sep. 2019
Congratulations Kath. Great achievement. And there is also a nice walk from Finsbury Park up the old railway line to Highgate and beyond. Worth checking out!
Replied18 Nov. 2019
Thanks for supporting me Peter - much appreciated. And great to get some new route advice! X

Step history

Last updated 31/10/19. Step history will update automatically, periodically




31 Oct. 2019
13,434 steps
30 Oct. 2019
16,693 steps
29 Oct. 2019
13,552 steps
28 Oct. 2019
273 steps
27 Oct. 2019
18,567 steps
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