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Diabetes not only affects the person who has it, it has impact on immediate family too. When difficulties occur life can be very challenging and when hypo awareness is lost, it becomes the responsibility of family to prevent unconsciousness, and in extreme cases maintain life. If glucose is too high pressure is put on vital organs including brain, heart, kidneys and can lead to more health problems. At the moment John has next to no hypo awareness and dangerous highs. Life is challenging. Then One Million Step Challenge popped up! This has given me something positive to focus on in the hope that one day there will be easier ways to manage this disease which affects any age. Please donate what you can. Walk with me if you can. Thank you for supporting me xxx Linda xxx P.S. I set a modest target but would be great to go higher xx

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Fundraising goal:£1,066.11 towards fundraising target of £200
Steps tally:360,868 number of steps towards the one million

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Linda Lee
donated £10.0018 Jul. 2019
Thank you so much hairdresser Nicky for this kind donation and support x
Cardiff Medics Men's and Ladies' Hockey
donated £55.9518 Jul. 2019
From everyone at CMHC and CMLHC, keep up the good work Linda! Xx
Sharon Hunter
donated £10.6218 Jul. 2019
Good luck Linda! You can do it xxx
Caroline and Andrew Potter
donated £20.0018 Jul. 2019
L Lee
donated £10.6218 Jul. 2019
Thank you for sponsoring me "Helen of Hagley" xxx

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16 Jul. 2019
20,448 steps
15 Jul. 2019
15,190 steps
14 Jul. 2019
17,934 steps
13 Jul. 2019
19,227 steps
12 Jul. 2019
17,038 steps
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