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Just over a year ago my daughter who was 2.5 started waking in the night desperate for water and her nappies at the time were saturated and overflowing....We went to the Doctors shortly after this happened. She was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, after a 10 day stay in hospital she is now living with and insulin pump and the daily challenges of this disease. I want to raise awareness for other parents to know the signs and that this is NOTHING to do with what they have eaten or sugar... this is an auto immune disease. People hear the word diabetes used a lot but don't really understand the challenges for my daughter dealing with highs and lows... I'm hoping to raise money to support other children who get diagnosed with this disease so early in life and hope in her lifetime there may be a cure. Together with my friends we are in a team for Dolly and are stepping for a brighter future for T1 Diabetes.

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Fundraising goal:£1,900.44 towards fundraising target of £500
Steps tally:1,104,472 number of steps towards the one million

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Jod, Marc and the crew x Woolfson
donated £31.868 Oct. 2019
Love you, the girls who stepped out with you and your goon Well done xx
Alice, Simon & Thomas
donated £53.118 Oct. 2019
Well done Rozzy! ❤️
Toni Rosenthal
donated £50.008 Oct. 2019
From the lovely Sue
Laura Parker
donated £15.938 Oct. 2019
Daniel Wiseman
donated £50.0021 Aug. 2019
Dad said well done x

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29 Sep. 2019
7,319 steps
28 Sep. 2019
8,794 steps
27 Sep. 2019
7,963 steps
26 Sep. 2019
13,621 steps
25 Sep. 2019
11,359 steps
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