Whatever your reason for taking on One Million Step Challenge, we're here to support you every step of the way.

Whether you're taking on this challenge to raise much needed funds for Diabetes UK, get healthier, spend more time with your loved ones or simply to be a part of an amazing community, we have everything you need for a successful summer of stepping.

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"I’ve never left the Diabetes UK Million Step Facebook group! I love the fact that everyone is there for the same purpose, like a little community. I like the camaraderie. It’s good for sharing tips too. " - Denise, 2022 stepper

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Walking for a world where diabetes can do no harm

You're doing an incredible thing this summer by taking steps for everyone affected by diabetes. Last year the Diabetes UK Helpline took over 6000 calls, so we could be there for people who need support. Check out our resources to help you along with your fundraising.

Fundraising resources
Walk for your health

Not only is walking a great way to include more activity into your daily routine, but it has so many health benefits too - especially if you have diabetes. Learn more about the power of stepping, and how to manage your condition while you’re on the move.

" I came to see that by doing small things, bit by bit, I could start to take control. Through the increased walking and better eating, I’ve lost about a stone, and I feel so much better in myself." - Steve, previous Stepper

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Join our incredible Facebook group and meet your fellow steppers. Ask your questions, read their stories, connect with your incredible community.